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“Can New Foods and Ag Tech Truly be Sustainable?”


  • Stephen DeBerry

    Bronze Investments
  • Anya Fernald

    Belcampo, Inc.
  • Sam Fromartz

    Editor-in-chief of FERN, and Author of In Search of the Perfect Loaf
  • Kat Taylor

    Radicle Impact
  • Josh Tetrick

    Hampton Creek
  • Rob Trice

    Better Food Ventures
  • Sarah Vared

    MissionPoint Capital
  • Vishal Vasishth

    Obvious Ventures
  • Adam Zbar

    Sun Basket

Domenico Winery

1697 Industrial Rd
San Carlos, CA 94070


FERN Talks & Eats is about digging into the most important issues facing our food system today. Don’t miss these thoughtful panels of entrepreneurs and investors who will consider how sustainability can become more than just a buzzword for the “new food” and ag tech businesses of tomorrow. Join us in Silicon Valley along with some of the brightest minds currently participating in these emerging markets for a provocative and enlightening discussion—and delicious food.

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After decades of negative public health consequences and high environmental costs, it’s clear that urgent work is needed to reshape the food system. But are “new foods” and ag tech the answer? And if so, what needs to be on the agenda? Led by the Food and Environment Reporting Network (FERN), an award-winning, independent news organization, the speakers will discuss how food start-ups can truly transform the food system, rather than simply offer the latest food or farming fad.

In two engaging panels, FERN will help frame the issues facing entrepreneurs and investors, looking to offer comprehensive solutions to these questions. How can sustainability be a core principle in a disruptive venture and what measurements can be used to track success? How can investors ensure that sustainability is a mandate? How can these metrics become more than just marketing? And how successful will these sustainable models likely be?

Beer/wine/bites reception: 5:30pm

Panels: 6:15pm to 8:30pm

VIP Dinner to follow

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  • The Food & Environment Reporting Network (FERN) is an award-winning, independent, nonprofit, news organization that produces award-winning investigative and explanatory reporting on food, agriculture, and environmental health through partnerships with regional and national media outlets. Through impartial “watchdog” and explanatory journalism, FERN explores the full impact of food and agriculture on public health and the environment, including shining a light on injustices and abuses of power, both corporate and governmental. We uncover and explain news that is critical to the public’s right to know about food, agriculture, and environmental health. Since 2011, FERN has worked with 42 freelance writers on 72 stories that have appeared in 35 outlets across the media spectrum. FERN also produces FERN’s Ag Insider, a daily federal food and agriculture policy paid subscription news service.